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Angel   Mary

At age 5, Angel Mary was already competing Nationally.
At age 5, Angel Mary was already competing Nationally.
At age 5, Angel Mary was already competing Nationally.


My Story

Unique Voice

As a first generation Indian American woman, I use my platform to share my lived experience as a corporate leader.   I started speaking when I was just 4 years old and throughout my childhood competed in public speaking contests across the United States.  I have travelled to over 17 different countries including India, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Turkey, France, Germany, Switzerland and much more.   Additionally, I lived in major cities such as New York, Miami, and London, England.  I use these experiences in my professional life to communicate effectively with my teams.

My background in sectors such as Retail, Government, Finance, Real Estate, and Healthcare allows for a dynamic and nuanced look at common problems in the corporate world. Over time, I learned many valuable lessons, including what type of mindset you need as one rises into a leadership role. 

My unique experience as a Southeast Asian Malayalee Indian American brings forward a diverse voice not commonly found among leadership speakers. I share my experience growing up in a suburb where I was the lone minority voice.  My personal stories are meant to capture the attention of the audience on being an Indian American woman growing up in the United States and the challenges of straddling my cultural heritage and being an American.  I share it with the audience to show that they are not alone in their unique journey, and despite our different backgrounds, we can still achieve success together uplifting one another.




Professional Leadership Experience & Workplace Culture

When I climbed the corporate ladder in healthcare, from entry level to C-Suite in under 5 years, it took more than just hard work.  It involved building meaningful relationships among all levels of staff, from the reception team up to the CEO.  I worked at the prestigious Northwell Health Lenox Hill Hospital (as seen on Netflix) and Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital in New York City.   During my tenure at Lenox Hill, I worked around the clock during the natural disaster of Superstorm Sandy, coordinating between physicians, staff and patients to ensure the level of care remained optimal.  


In the height of my career in healthcare, I oversaw all operations of a mid-sized healthcare company pulling in over $45 million in revenue, with over 300 employees reporting from five different office locations.  I created a Leadership Development Series, an ongoing seminar to aid middle managers to better connect with their diverse employee teams, and built improved communication channels between departments to improve patient relations.   With the focus on improved patient outcomes, under my leadership the employees of the company worked on enhancing their interpersonal skills to better get along with one another and their patients.  


The Podcast

In 2022, I started the Career Path Angel podcast as a way to share the knowledge myself and other titans of industry have learned and wanted to pass to the next generation of leaders.  Episodes touch on important topics that leaders face in a workplace setting and are geared for young professionals looking to gain insight as they move up the corporate ladder.


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